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giovedì 29 gennaio 2015

Kim Jong-un will visit Moscow officially

The first-ever visit to a foreign country for the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un appears to be a new fact in the world of international relations. Official sources of Russia, the country where the head of state will travel to Pyongyang, confirm the acceptance of the invitation extended to the North Korean leader to participate in the celebrations of the seventieth anniversary of the defeat of Nazism, to be held in Moscow. What implications both sides are hiding behind this visit, which comes unexpected. For North Korea may be trying to come out of isolation in which he fled the dictatorship in Pyongyang, the need for a new international partner, after relations with Beijing have been worn for matters relating to the development of nuclear weapons, carried out by Kim Jong-un: a new international partner, chosen from among the opponents of the US is a good choice indicative. But beyond diplomatic reasons there are also economic ones: Russia is engaged in the construction of infrastructure in the country of North Korea, such as railways and pipelines and intends to increase cooperation with Pyongyang, which is identified as a potential partner in growth and offering economic opportunities on in front of the lower labor costs. Certainly sanctions towards Moscow compel Russia to seek to expand as much as possible their own field of action, but the reasons for such an approach significantly with the dictatorship in Pyongyang appear more international political order. The Kremlin, with a possible diplomatic ties with North Korea, could get to put his ships within the routes of Southeast Asia, now deemed essential for international trade and enter directly into the contention that seemed destined to be a matter to two between the US and China. The heavy contrasts between Pyongyang and Washington can be exploited by Moscow in a wider overview involving also the implications of the Ukrainian issue. Putin could extend his reasons friction with Obama involving North Korea; this tactic could bring a strong alteration of very unstable equilibrium between Russia and the West. However the Kremlin, if it entered or thought to enter into this logic, should not underestimate the difficulties of an international relationship with North Korea, which is governed by an apparatus increasingly unpredictable, so that the only ally he can count on Pyongyang , China, has very loose relations with the hard close. Must be put in account a reaction of Beijing and a possible rapprochement of the two states, which have thinned relations with the end of the Soviet Union; China considers the area of the Yellow Sea within its exclusive competence, and on this very reason underpinning the hostilities with the United States; having another great international player on its borders may be undesirable, unless Russia has had a consensus, even unofficially, by the leaders in Beijing in optical anti American. This hypothesis would imply the involvement, conscious or not, of the same North Korea in a tacit alliance to alter the regional balance, thanks to a liberal use of international relations. The backlash of the image, which is to get a member of one of the harshest dictatorships in the world, does not seem to worry about Putin, who undoubtedly will expose to heavy criticism from Western countries, an element which will only reinforce the perception of democracy altered as this form of government in Russia.

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