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venerdì 7 novembre 2014

After the case of Luxembourg, the EU still make sense?

The scandal of preferential taxation in Luxembourg practiced in various companies, which have in the Grand Duchy their earnings to be subject to a lower tax, represents the culmination of the distortions of the European Union and complains that the inequalities between states, which is then reflected on the public, are no longer sustainable in a union born with completely different purposes. Luxembourg is now in the center of the controversy, but there are similar situations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland. These were often attribute to the countries of southern Europe, the faults of the Community financial difficulties and are on the side of the penalty, especially Holland, when, on the contrary, to deprive themselves were critical of large sums which may result from local taxation . The one in front of where we are is a paradox that if not resolved will provide further ammunition to the anti-European parties and populist, unfortunately with ample reason. The main need now becomes that of the uniform system of taxation in all twenty-eight countries dramatically, providing for the expulsion to countries that do not want to adapt; also need to think a repair mechanism that obligations to pay part of the fees collected from countries with tax reliefs to those who were affected by the shifting of the registered office. Without these measures, the credibility of the EU is nothing and becomes at risk the very survival of the European institution. The central question is whether governments will have damaged the necessary courage to take such measures, or they are yet to suffer these inequalities very relevant to the bottom line. The position of the new head of the European Commission, the successor to Barroso, Juncker of Luxembourg, the Government of the Grand Duchy for twenty years, and thus responsible for the preferential tax regime, should be reviewed with the dismissal, for obvious reasons of convenience and prestige of the institution. It is certain that without such measures even the most well-prepared true the EU, the views are likely to coincide with those who want to reduce the intrusiveness of the decree or order, since it is not logical, let alone understand, impose sacrifices on the citizens of the states with high tax regime, when they were losing the income tax provisions of the laws applicable to earnings and the activities carried out on its territory for the benefit of other countries that formally, but only formally, they are allies. The European Union, with this scenario increasingly clear, showing a disease which needs to be solved, but it is also a worrying lack of organization, own less and less of an institution rooted in civil society and that no decisions have come down from the more 'authority. For once, the southern countries of Europe can not be accused of excessive cunning and dishonest practices are the countries of the North to have acted in an underhand manner even if legal, taking advantage of the legal vacuum, because this is caused by the inefficiency of Brussels . Another very serious look from the point of view of the image is that of Luxembourg, as well as the Netherlands, are the founders of a united country and are present from the beginning of the unification process, going through all the steps. This finding calls into serious question the real belief and reinforces the suspicion that has repeatedly covered the UK, continue to enter the EU only to receive the benefits, without returning the same. As you can see we are in an extreme situation that calls for serious and careful consideration, which should lead to reconsider joining the European Union rules on the most compelling and genuinely shared values: there is no place for those who are not rules and hides behind reasons of convenience: without these simple principles is better than the number of states is reduced or even arrive at a settlement of the European process, but throwing years of sacrifice and perspectives that seemed to be going in the opposite direction.

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